She has a master’s degree in political science from The University of Michigan with a specialization in disability politics and she continues to work in this field as an independent researcher.

In 2023 Mandi founded The S.T.I.M. Project with Nicole Parish. The project is an autistic-led non-profit organization that is working to get sensory tools and informaitonal materials directly to autistic individuals and their families who would otherwise be unable to afford them. To learn more about The S.T.I.M. Project visit

Mandi also currently works as an independent consultant on disability acceptance and accessibility. She has worked with several universities on improving their disability resources and accommodation procedures using survey data from both students and faculty at the institution. Interested in her consulting services? Contact Mandi directly at


You’re not disposable, and neither am I.

“You’re not disposable.”

I was eighteen years old the first time I heard these words.

They weren’t said to me, they were said in a television show that I was watching instead of studying, but their impact was monumental anyway.

It is not something that gets talked about often — people being disposable — but those words helped me articulate a feeling I’d known for most of my life.

When you are born with a body that doesn’t quite work the way that others’ do, you can find yourself making endless comparisons in which you just can’t measure up.


Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Fight Ableism

1. Learn about the history of disability.

2. Actively look for and listen to modern disabled perspectives about disability.

3. Understand what inspiration porn is — and avoid it.

4. Only support disability organizations that are run by disabled people for disabled people.

5. Make listening to and raising up the voices of disabled people a part of your everyday life.


The Pain of Being in Pain at Church

I was born sick.

For a long time nobody knew how sick I was. When I was three it was just asthma. When I was ten it was just growing pains. When I was thirteen it was just in my head. When I was a junior in high school it was just pneumonia. When I was a freshman in college I just wasn’t eating right.

When I was a sophomore in college it was a clearly late diagnosis of autoimmune disease and a nervous system disorder that had been destroying my body for more than twenty years without treatment.



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